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For hospitals
The Company offers comprehensive financial services for hospitals operating as independent public healthcare facilities or nonpublic healthcare facilities.

We cooperate with medical facilities as regards current needs, restructuring and investment financing.

The current needs financing is aimed at improving hospitals’ financial liquidity thanks to settling current liabilities and paying back debts to providers of medicines, dressings, catering, providing cleaning or security services.

Financing granted by the Company allows the hospitals to transform overdue liabilities into those not matured yet, as a result decreasing the debt servicing costs.

We offer access to short-term open-end OverDRAFT financing, launched at each application of the hospital until the granted limit is exhausted. This is the most flexible financing form available on the market, providing high level of financial liquidity safety.

Thanks to BFF MEDFinance, the company we established, we make it possible for public and nonpublic hospitals to obtain attractive investment financing, in particular financing of the exchange and purchase of new medical equipment.